Thameside Clarinet Choir
Thameside Clarinet Choir


Thameside Clarinet Choir in Concert

St James's Church, Hampton Hill, TW12 1DQ
Saturday 10 March 2007

St James's Church


Motet: Adagio e Sostenuto; Allegro Guisto Nicola Zingarelli arr. Don Verne Joseph

Petite Symphonie Finale Charles Gounod arr. Chris Hooker
Canzon Primi Toni 10 (1597) Giovanni Gabriel arr. Chris Hooker
The Young Persons Guide to the Clarinet Choir
(Variations on Hickory, Dickory, Dock)
Narrated by the Composer Paul Harvey
Wind in the Reeds: A Childhood Memory; Ballet Russe Gordon Jacob
Moondance Van Morrison arr. Jon Halton
Fanfare & Ballad Conducted by the Composer Martin Hinckley (1st Performance)
Pavane from American Symphonette No 2 Morton Gould
Three Southern Sketches: The Train Now Approaching; The Waiting Game; Fast to Victoria James Rae (1st Performance)
Down among the Dead Men (Susan Moss - ContraBass Clarinet) Trad. arr. Roy Upton Holder
Jazz Legato Leroy Anderson ar. Chris Hooker
Happijazz Paul Harvey