Thameside Clarinet Choir
Thameside Clarinet Choir

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About Clarinet Choirs

What is a clarinet choir? Very briefly, it is an 'orchestra' of clarinets but is more akin to a vocal choir in that the sounds made by the different sizes of clarinet blend together rather than being contrasted as with an orchestra. Of all the woodwind instruments, the clarinet has the biggest range of notes, and produces a variety of tones throughout its playing compass.

It is most suited to large ensemble music not only because the warm tone of the clarinet blends together well, but also the clarinet family embraces a huge range of notes, normally from around Bb nearly three octaves above middle C on the piano, down to Bb at the bottom of the keyboard, more than three octaves below middle C.

A Clarinet Choir can be as small as 3 Bb Clarinets and a Bass Clarinet, but a Full Choir could be scored for:
(Ab Clarinet), Eb Clarinet
1st Bb Clarinet, 2nd Bb Clarinet, 3rd Bb Clarinet
1st Alto Clarinet, 2nd Alto Clarinet, (Basset Horn)
1st Bass Clarinet, 2nd Bass Clarinet
Contra Alto Clarinet, Contra Bass Clarinet